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Name : Stefanie
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Location : UK
Date of Birth : 29th January 1993
Age : 24

Personal Bio

Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to look at my profile page!

My name is Stefanie, but I would prefer to be called Steffi (you may know me from or the London MCM Expo forums, etc...)
I am currently 18 years old and reside in the United Kingdom - I have done so for about 14 years. This is because I was born in Germany and lived there until I was 3 years old when we moved to England. I am half English and half German and proud and happy of my nationality <3

I'm about 5'4" tall and have a very slim build.

I am engaged.

I've been travelling a lot in my life, and would like to go to conventions abroad and know a lot about different con cultures!

I'm currently in College studying A Levels and would like to get an Apprenticeship when I leave.

As for drawing, I've always been good at it and have been interested in it for years. At GCSE I got an A* for all my hard work.

I had gotten into cosplay at the age of 14 where my first cosplay was a bought Mew Ichigo costume from eBay. It sucked. So bad. But four years on I have improved a lot and now make my own cosplays!

Also, I honeslty don't care for opinions of trolls, you either like me or you don't. I've probably been called every name in the book so don't think that I'll take any heed to an illiterate person who proceeds to call me names which I've been called a million times before.
I don't care that I'm not Asian (proud of my European heritage kthnx), I don't care whether you think I'm too "ugly" or don't "look" like the character I am trying to portray. Nor do I care for your criticism on my cosplays, if I want CONSTRUCTIVE criticism I will ASK for it.

Cosplay Bio

I basically got into cosplay around the end of 2007, where my first cosplay was a bought Battle Mew Ichigo outfit from ebay. Although the costume itself was good quality, it wasn't complete, I lacked a wig, shoes and least importantly, coloured contact lenses.
My second cosplay wasn't much better but it most certainly was an improve from my first! I actually had a wig and matching shoes, only problem was, I wore my glasses! My second cosplay was Chii and was also bought from ebay (cosplayed in 2008). These two costumes were worn at the London MCM Expo, some awful ugly photos may be floating around the internet, but when I can be bothered, I will post nice pictures of them on here.
The following year, both these costumes were worn again, however in 2010, which I debuted my first ever home-made cosplay became a breakthrough.
At London MCM Expo, I wore my Classic Sailor Moon cosplay, although it is still not 100% finish (few minor things still to add), it was still really good in my opinion.
In October I proceeded to test my sewing skills and make a Neo Queen Serenity cosplay. My God, was that a difficult cosplay to do, but I did it and I'm proud of the results!
Good thing about these last two cosplays was that I had a good wig, I wore contatc lenses instead of glasses, and wore make up and overall just became more confident. I love these cosplays to pieces <3

I am now more confident in making cosplays and get better and better each time, I have currently gathered various material into making my next cosplay, Mew Berry from Tokyo Mew Mew Á la Mode and Hanon Hosho from Mermaid Melody. I aim to buy coloured contact lenses to complete my cosplays 100% Might even think of entering the masquerade if I think these next cosplays are any good. Who knows?

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