About Me

i started cosplaying in may 2006 at the london mcm expo. i was kadaj and won 3rd prize in the jouniors catagory even though i dropped my sword ^_^; i practicly live for cosplay these days. with out cosplay i'd still be a sad lonley child. but thats a different story. ive also cosplayed Loz, Kakashi, Zidane Roxas and Mummymon. Mummymon is my most popular cosplay right now, but that'll probably change in october. you'll have to wait and see what im doing XD

Other Profiles

active email address: megahaker2006@graffiti.net

active MSN address: the_lamp_shade@hotmail.co.uk

Active AIM: hanrick-kun08

active Yahoo! messenger: haseo101

Deviantart: rayquazarocks.deviantart.com


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