About Me

I had always loved anime, from times when Sailormoon was on fox kids. After that it was Cardcaptor sakura which i watched every morning with my friend. It just went after hat, I never forgot it. My friend introduced me to cosplay, she invited me to go to the expo with her for the day. I bought my cosplay a year in advance. I was so exited.
The wig was a disastor. It was far too long and sweaty so i had a paddy and kept taking it off during the day!

Now I do crossplays usually - I dislike skirts and girly things so guys fit me. My first crossplay was Ritsuka Aoyagi. He will always be a favourite. Mainly because he has cat ears :3
Since I have also done Len Kagamine and am in the process of finishing Kyouya Ootoria/Honey sempai.

I did enjoy making Lens outfit. While I bought the tshirt and shorts, I had to make the cuffs, sailor collor and accessories.

Other Profiles

MSN: vicky.roebuck@hotmail.co.uk
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