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Name : karl
Website :
Location : Bournemouth
Date of Birth : 10th June 1988
Age : 29

Personal Bio

Well let see I'm an animator and cartoonist with a lot of passion for what I do. I love all fiction in all media with a great love for the arts and how people use them. I don't take life to seriously and up for anything that comes my way.

I game a lot old and new games my favour game every is legend of zelda majora's mask lots of things about it I love like the use of time and side characters, how it always made me feel like it was a little world into itself sad and happy all at once. I am also a big fan of mask and collected them some what, make them, finding meaning in them, I can never really turn down a mask cosplay.

I love the cinema with its ability to take you to new worlds. I am a bit sad not to see more 2D animated films out there, but I tend to go to the films once ever two weeks as well as by up books, comic and dvd/video when ever I can story telling to me has always been one of the best things in life.

I look out for new and interesting people to befriend and just to chat with, so if your a bit mad and interesting I'm always up to meet new people.

Cosplay Bio

i got started with a simple cosplay at London expo with my friends and found as i got into uni a group of my new friends also liked cosplaying. i am into more fantasy style clothing and i am not as much interested in animal or female costumes. i am very much looking forward to creating lots of interesting cosplays never done in england before.