Personal Information

personal photo
Name : tim
Website : http://timpey.deviantart.com/
Location : bournemouth
Date of Birth : 18th November 1982
Age : 34

Personal Bio

love my anime, cartoons and games. i love to draw and write stories and also love to rp a bit on gaia. im a pretty freindly guy to so if u wanna just say hi or wanna ask anythink just let me know, i can be a little shy so sorry if im quiet at first ^^ but im always up for meetin new people.

Cosplay Bio

i try to go as some of my favorite characters and ones ive never seen done before as its fun to get recognized at conventions and also fun to play out the part, especially in groups. so far ive done some cosplay characters ive always wanted to do and really loved making them. my gene starwind and zidane im especially proud of and am still adding to ^^.

it can be very tricky understanding how to put somthing together or sew it in the right way but i love experimenting and learning new things. ive met loads of great people cosplaying and dont think ill ever stop lovin it.