Personal Information

Name : Cassis
Website :
Location : London
Date of Birth : 15th June 1987
Age : 30

Personal Bio

I like BJDs, Cosplaying, Roleplaying and Baking~

Cosplay Bio

I started properly about 4 years ago, in Tokyo Game show. Since then, I went from doing 2 costumes a year to going to pretty much every London based event going, making my own cosplay group, Watapachi (I love you guys you all are so awesome and I would not be able to enjoy cosplay as much as I do without you guys!)and hope I can enjoy, and have people enjoy my cosplay more in the future!

Unless stated, my usual photographer is Kuchiii

I mainly cosplay men, but someones am known to randomly want to do the most girliest chara I can imagine. XD

Contact Information <- my DA