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Name : .
Location : Uk
Date of Birth : 30th December 1987
Age : 29

Personal Bio

I'm 21 I work full time, in my spare time i watch as much anime i possibly can, Ive finally started reading manga, something i thought i would never get into. So I'm really pleased that my manga/anime shelves are now filling up with haste!

Cosplay Bio

Misa Amane - Death Note.

Saber - FSN - at this years oct 2009 expo!
Rikku - FF
Jo - Burst Angel
Hinamori Amu - Shugo Chara
Kagamine Rin - Vocaloid

I really believe in cosplaying characters you are physically and mentally like.
So i pick my cosplays very carefully.
(I look and dress like misa but im definatly not on her level of ditsy-ness, i felt i had to point that out after what i just said :p)