About Me

I first got into cosplay in 2006 when I heard about Video Games live and decided to go in costume. Being the first time I didnt really know what to expect and it took me ages to choose a costume I liked and could walk around London comfortably in, I chose Wild Dog from Time Crisis and although it looked pretty good, it wasnt very recognisable. My next one was in 2008 when I went as Old snake, both to Video Games live and the following days to MCM. That was the most brillient time and I was amazed to be the only old snake there (as far as I know). In May 2009 I went to MCM as a Medic from Team fortess and that was amazing as well, I met other Team fortress people there and we all got on brilliently. Now Cosplay events are one of things I really look forward to in the calender and one day I hope to travel to Japan and see what its really like there.


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