About Me

My first cosplay was Ed from FullMetal, mainly because I love him to bits and because I was fascinated by cosplay, and when I went to my first MCM Expo I was desperate to go in costume, so it was half closet, with the coat made by my Mum in one night xD. I drew the little symbols on the coat and gloves xD

Since then i totally discoevred the world of cosplay and how fun it and now it's my hobby and passion. I love elegant things and also magical-looking huge eleborate fluffy dresses and stuff. And anything that's sort of feudal Japan-esque. *__* I hardly ever cosplay boys because.. I like girly things xD And I don't have the androgenous look sadly.
My dream cosplays are.. all the Rozen Maiden dolls! Haha!

I make and buy my costumes, it varies on my money and the difficulty.

Other Profiles

Email- loveandsparkles@live.co.uk
DeviantART- Wiishmaker
YouTube- xCherryPandax
Twitter- CherriPyon