About Me

I started proper cosplaying in October 2009 but I
had my organization XIII cloak for sometime before that. Now tht my first cosplay is finally done i will be attending many Convetions =] Im currently working on other cosplays. This time im actully making them instead of buying XD =]

Current cosplays:
Zexion - Kingdom hearts - Organization Cloak (New Coat Required)
Zexion - Kingdom hearts - Casual Emo gear XD
Kizuna Hyuga - Strawberry Panic - Le Rim Uniform
Ash Ketchum - Pokemon

Next cosplay:
Tamao - Strawberry Panic

Other Profiles

www.reizo-zexion.deviantart.com - DA
www.youtube.com/user/RadioActiveEmoInc - Youtube
Radioactiveemo@hotmail.co.uk - E-mail + Messenger


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