Personal Information

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Name : Becky
Website :
Location : Saffordshire
Date of Birth : 24th October 1989
Age : 27

Personal Bio

Well where to begin;
I'm Bec most on the net call me Suzuka, after my display name (Outlaw star influenced)
I'm a student at Worcester Uni, studying Archaeology and Heritage
I'm Wiccan
I have a Cat named Luna and a Dog called Bella
I'm prone to changing my hair colour and style
I have 9 piercings and 2 tattoos
I love (Heres the list) My Bf Luke, My laptop Hitomi, Sweets, Tattoo's, Ebay, History, Cute things, Hats and quite lazy afternoons
I Hate crocodiles, fish and Phones

Cosplay Bio

Well i Started cosplay over 11 years ago with my first Cosplay as Sailor Moon. My mom got me it for my 10th birthday, since then i've done bits and pieces.

I got serious In 2007, an old friend introduced me to the London MCM, and i was sold. I've since been making my own outfits and buying accessories. I've also noticed i like Cute characters so be warned.

I'm now part of a cosplay group They are all awsome and really good friends and cosplayers.

Contact Information

MCM Fourm - twilight_suzuka
Gaia Online - black_ravens_blood