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Ive been cosplaying since October London Expo 2006, my friend Tom told me about London Expo so i had a look at it online and seen cosplaying so i thought id give it a go... And ive been hooked ever since..

I have been an anime fan for years and cosplaying for me if bringing the charcters out the page and screens and bringing them to life... Its great cosing as a charcter you like and having other fans recognise you, it makes all the time effort pin pricks and sometimes loss of hair worth while :)

Mind you to begin with i didnt know how to sew or what a sleve edge is or even that patterns exist and how to use them.
Im fortunate enough to have known someone who is extreamly experianced and could teach me and im really thankfull, you dont get the same sense of acheavment when you havnt made the costume your self.

So my greatest acheavment is learning to sew and my proudest moments are seeing everyone at every convention bringing anime & video games to life in a spectular way, and it just keeps getting better with every convention XD

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