About Me

Well ive been interest in cosplay for about 3 years my first anime/game RPG was Kingdom hearts, and i guess it just opened a bunch of doors.
My cosplay idol is kelly jane and the very reason im cosplaying is to one day make her proud!
I got into cosplaying 3 months ago after i wrote a comment on her devart saying, i wish i could cosplay but i thought i was too young! She said it dosen't matter what age you are cosplaying is for everyone! so i put my foot down and started to cosplay, she said she couldn't wait to see what i come up with. I know she probally says that to everyone and odds are dosen't look at those peoples profile.
She made me so happy and i adored her so much that i vowed that one day i would make her proud of me! Thats why even though ive had the chance to meet her and show her my work, i haven't because i want her to see me when i become a good anoth cosplayer!
I don't care if it takes years, i'm doing this for her! I know i'll get my wish one day.