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Name : Sam
Website : http://www.myspace.com/fruittreeuk
Location : London

Personal Bio

I have a degree in History and currently studying my masters in medieval history at King's College London.I am also a musician and play lead guitar in a gothic metal type band www.myspace.com/fruittreeuk
I am very into rpgs especially final fantasy and this is what led me to become interested in cosplay as I wanted to meet my favourite characters in real life and hang out with them :)

Cosplay Bio

As I said earlier my interest in Final Fantasy led me into cosplay.I enjoyed attending my first event in May and meeting some cool people. My favourite character I played so far was Jecht from FFX I ended up cosplaying him all weekend at the Expo in October 2009 cos I was enjoying it so much.I loved all the nice comments I received and made some good friends whilst there :D

Cosplays so far:

Tidus (Final Fantasy X)- May 2009 London Expo
Tidus (Final Fantasy X)- September 2009 Cosplay Roadshow in Cheshunt
Jecht (Final Fantasy X)- October 2009 London Expo
Braska(Final Fantasy X)- Anime League Club London
Braska(Final Fantasy X)- Febuary 2010 Japanese Art Festival,Richmond upon Thames
Braska(Final Fantasy X)- March 2010 Final Fantasy XIII Launch HMV Oxford Street
Jecht (Final Fantasy X)- March 2010 Kitacon,Northampton
Jecht (Dissidia) - March 2010 Kitacon,Northampton
Tseng (Final Fantasy VII) - March 2010 Kitacon,Northampton
Tidus (Final Fantasy X) - May 2010 London Expo
Braska (Final Fantasy X) - May 2010 London Expo
Jecht (Final Fantasy X) - May 2010 London Expo
Vaan (Final Fantasy XII) - May 2010 London Expo
Jecht (Dissidia) - Amecon 2010
Maechen (FFX) - Amecon 2010

Contact Information

am on facebook and deviant art