About Me

I absolutely love cosplay but at the moment tend to do only movie costumes though I am looking to do games and anime costumes in the future. Cosplaying for me started years and years ago when I went to Memorabilia and my friend and I randomly decided to dress as Buffy and Tara. My Tara costume was absolutely terrible, not long after I decided I wanted to do something better and chose J'hiera from Angel which a friend of mine made the prosthetic for.

Since then I have made Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Xena and many other costumes. I have to say my favourite costumes so far have been Draco Malfoy and Tonks though I have to admit I love doing all my different costumes.

The greatest things about my Harry Potter costumes is we have our own little group so always tend to have our very own Lucius Malfoy (Sephirayne) and Severus Snape (Deppalike).

My greatest achievement so far has to be my Tonks Ministry costume which I made the jacket for entirely from scratch. It was weeks and weeks of hard graft and desperately hoping to get it as perfect as possible.

I would also like to apologise for my mad influx of Twilight costumes. I'm only really doing Twi conventions at the moment and this is why all my costumed on based on the Saga. For those who say Twilight costumes are easy because they just wear normal clothes please don't be fooled. As a perfectionist for cosplay I tend to want to buy the same, or as close as possible to the actual outfits and this tends to become very expensive if not extremely difficult as a lot of the items are from America and when people see the stuff in the movies they buy them on a whim and stores sell out very quickly. I try and alter or completely make as many of my outfits as possible other wise I end up feeling lazy. Sadly Eclipse has not left alot to the imagination in a sense of everything can be store bought once you have hunted it down of course.