About Me

I first started cosplay in May 08 at the Mcm expo, I started as a laugh, just to see what i could pull off in a week stuff that i had in my wardrobe which turned out to be a Hobo wright black version not one shade of blue, pink or gray. I met some cool people at that event and decided to complete the cosplay next time, but i still have completed it, it is the Von Karma word of perfection until it is perfect it will not be complete. I enjoy the whole craziness that is made by the people, its not the dressing up or the meeting but the people who make it so awesome, where we can just go crazy at events. My greatest achievement has yet to come and will never be forfilled as time goes on i will have more, and as i achieve one thing another will appear but for now it is my latest project the Going Merry.

Other Profiles

Go by the names;
-Gideon Sassoon
-Diogen Scorchgid