Personal Information

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Name : hollie
Date of Birth : 2nd May 1987
Age : 30

Personal Bio

you might know me as pheonix blood, my alias and alter ego.
I have no idea what you'd really wanna know about me, but here goes...
Ive been into anime since i was 14 but im really not hardcore. my favorite manga's at the moment are, Nana, Hot gimmick, Air gear and Trigun.
Above all im a Gamer, and I consider myself a pretty hardcore gamer. I worship my current consoles, my ps2, 360, Wii, DSlite and PSP. My favorite games of all time are: the metal gear series, Zelda OoT/MM, Final fantasy 8, Nights into dreams, dead or alive and unreal tournament GoTYE.
I'm a music nut and carry my ipod everywhere, i will listen to everything, but currently i'm loving Emilie autumn, NIN, Placebo, Dan le sac, MIA and red hot chilli peppers. odd i know!!!
i guess above all im your pretty average geek, hopeless romantic, clumsy loser who you see running around conventions. I love it.

Cosplay Bio

starting at ayacon 05, feels longer that it is, i may put up some of my older cosplays in the gallery but i doubt it, they all look pretty bad >_<

ive so far cospalyed as lenne, soi fong, kasumi, mai valentine, claire redfield, kitami rukia, ashe, cammy and quistis. may not seem like many but i love every single one of them!

i believe cosplay is about having fun!