Kit Kamera

Personal Information

personal photo
Name : Kitsune
Location : United Kingdom
Date of Birth : 1st March 2009
Age : 8

Personal Bio

My name is Kitsune Misao, I'm a (semi semi semi-professional) photographer, based in the North West of the UK.

I am hoping to allow people to show off their cosplays as best as possible! As a budding photographer, I hope I can do my best with this and get more people and more shoots!

Past Photoshoots:

Sakura Haruno
Princess Garnet
Dead Itachi
Final Fantasy VI
Lirin (Artbook Ver.)
Sakura Kinomoto
Haine Otomiya

Terms and Conditions

What this gets you:
A good range of the photos.
All highest possible resolutions I can do.
All post-processing and labour covered!
Nice digital copies sent to you. Including some shots not shown on my gallery!

Optional Extras:
Prints will be availible on request and can be asked for. Prices are variable but you will only be charged Expenses for the photos and postage to you!

Fine Print:
Some photos will be shown in the gallery for public display.
I reserve the right to not take a photo of a specific pose or action. If I choose not to, you will be given a valid reason behind my decision. Please realize that if you press the matter or attempt to force me into taking the photo after I have made a decision, I will simply format my camera memory and leave.
Payments are to be made after the shoot has taken place.

Please note me and I will see what I can do! Weekdays can only be shot after 5pm unless booked WAY in advance.