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Name : Rebecca
Website :
Location : Norfolk
Date of Birth : 27th September 1984
Age : 32

Personal Bio

Not much to say really. I play too many video games and waste my money on manga, anime, costumes and plushies. I'm currently mad about Itachi from naruto.

My hobbies include chatting to my friends, attending conventions, collecting VA autographs, reading the end credits/cast list of particular movies and anime's, cosplaying (of course) and other stuff.

My favourite sweets are greentea pocky, caramel pocky, other green tea flavoured sweets (provided they're sweet), flower's kiss candy, cadbury's chocolate spread (i like to dip finger biscuits in it) and apple sauce.

I'm also now on Deviantart :3

Cosplay Bio

I blame PikminLink and Cardcaptor Sakura. I did a search online to find out were to buy CCS costumes and ended up on a cosplay website where I found PikminLink. I was suprised at how she looks so much like Link and Marth (and pretty much all the characters she cosplays, I swear she's a chameleon) Her costumes looked awesome and so detailed, and then I found out she made them by hand. I guess it just started from there.
It got more serious after I attended my first convention. Even though I thought my Reno cosplay looked tacky lot's of people thought it was great and that gave me a confidence boost. It's a pity no one recognised my Kyo cosplay ^ ^;; they might've if I had the wig.

Contact Information

MSN/e-mail -
AIM - kilik chan
am also on but rarely use it nowadays.