About Me

I first got interested in cosplay in 2007, but a crappy Kisame with no blue face and a Squall that isn't really Squall don't count really, do they? ^^; My first full costumes were Asuma Sarutobi from Naruto, and Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes; I wore these to London MCM Expo in May 2009. I've done several more since then, and looooooots more to come. :D

I buy pretty much all my costumes, as I have absolutely no sewing skills. ><' Besides that though, I'm pretty good at making swords, only really katanas so far but I'll be expanding soon enough. My pride and joy though are my Assassin's Creed Style hidden blades. I started taking commissions for them not too long ago, and have a few satisfied customers already. :D

I'm planning to start on my first big cosplay project soon - Commander Shepard from Mass Effect. Going to be making the armour myself, and sorting out guns and an omni-blade. Gon' be fuuuuuun. \m/

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