Death May Die

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Name : Alex
Location : West Midlands
Date of Birth : 10th October 1989
Age : 27

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Cons are awesome: Cosplay, the atmosphere. Being in a hall packed full of fellow geeks :) But, and I may very well get linched for this, I'd have stopped going long ago if It weren't for my camera.
Cons are all well and good if you have a mountain of cash to spend or you cosplay.
I don't have or do either of those. Taking pictures and capturing the moment, making people feel proud of their hard work by pushing a camera in their face is the main reason I continue to attend as many cons as possible.
If it moves (or not) and has even slightly oriental undertones, I gets it's picture taken goddamnit!

Cosplay Bio

I suppose if I ever did it would be a cactaur (FFXII)...or a Tonberry :)
I once thought about Cosplaying a Spoon.

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