About Me

I’ve been Cosplaying for 6 years, regularly attending events and often entering masquerades. I have won a few competitions and been featured on websites and in magazines. I specialise in jewellery making, sewing and wig alterations/styling. Through a keen eye and attention to detail I invest a lot of time and effort into my work; I make costumes from a wide variety of genres and media, but predominantly from games and films. To me Cosplay is more than just making a costume and dressing up, it’s about telling a story that you are in love with and sharing that love and reverence with like-minded people.

I hold panels on "Cosplay Jewellery Making", "Cosplaying on a budget" and "Customising wigs"

I have worked at Play Expo and Eurogamer Expo as a cosplayer on behalf of Replay Events, I have also been a Cosplay guest at Eurogamer 2013.

Cosplay list for 2015:

♥ Effie Trinket ♥

May Expo:
♥ Sailor Puto ♥ - Saturday
♥ Sailor Elsa ♥ - Sunday

♥ Beth Greene ♥
♥ Princess Dejah ♥
♥ Effie Trinket or new Daenerys ♥

Hyper Japan

♥ Shiva ♥
♥ Lulu? ♥

♥ Nicole Brennan ♥
♥ Vault Dweller ♥
♥ Trish ♥
♥ Shiva ♥

♥ Effie ♥

Other Profiles