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Name : Alex
Website :
Location : London
Date of Birth : 6th September 1984
Age : 32

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Ahhhh i probably put somethink in this box >.<
Well 1st im a big anime & manga fan especially manga will reads books for hours on end & buy far too many sometimes just because the art cover is good xD FYI it's the worst way to pic a manga >_>.
I like music and goin out drinking love video games though the two(anime/videogame) never seem to go well togther >_<.
i you ask me any questions feel free to im very friendly

Cosplay Bio

well its not a long list XD i started cosplaying in @ the may 2008 expo in londonas tousen from bleach and been doing pretty the same from the two in october XD and thats it ..... hey i said it wasnt a long list. But dont worry 2009 gonna change all that Im gonna try many cosplays as possible and going to loads of expo's as well 1st being midlands expo in telford going as tousen >_> well its a brand new form of tousen & i been working very hard on him ^_^

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