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Name : Robert
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Location : North Wales
Date of Birth : 21st April 1987
Age : 30

Personal Bio

I am a 27 year old postgraduate with a BA degree in Creative Studies and an MA in Media Practice, both from Bangor University in North Wales.

I am currently heavily involved in cosplay photography, having done several photoshoots with cosplayers and having many more planned for the coming months as well as practicing my photography at numerous UK conventions and some cosplay meets in the Manchester area.

I am also currently in the process of producing a documentary on the experiences of people on the Autistic Spectrum through my self run production outfit Autistic Ambition Productions while working on several photography projects under the name Robert Mann MA Photography and working part time at my local cinema.

I have a condition called Asperger's Syndrome, which is a form of Autism that affects my ability to socialise and makes it difficult for me to make friends.

Cosplay Bio

I have had a slight interest in cosplay for some time but it is in the past year that I have really become passionate about it. I do some cosplay myself but primarily my interest is in cosplay photography, my skill in which I am perfecting through photography I am doing at a number of conventions around the UK.

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Robert Mann MA Photography

Autistic Ambition Productions