About Me

i got started cause my sister and her friends did it and they made me be they're plum once i think and thats why and how i got started i've been a anime fan since i was five maybe and only took it seriously when i turned 9 lol ah the years im suprised i remember *sister tells her all the time* i think in year 7 i cosplayed yuna got alota praise for that and i was proudy lol greatest acheivement? loosing my chibi moon dress that was an acomplishment

Contact Information

ermm......i am on as chibi_cute aswell i have bebo myspace and facebook myspace there facebook and bebo ask for them please cause im lazy cba to put them there hey i have msn so add me if you want cause your cool like that and i have a cosplaylab but i have really bad memory and forget it looool......

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