About Me

I am in University and working for a DENSO (Japanese massive company - and love working there) for a year. After graduating I plan to return back to the company and try go to the Japanese research centres and German centres.

I am into Anime (of course) and anything Japanese really, J-POP, manga, etc.

I love video games (prior to engineering, I wanted to become a game developer).

I love Jap cars, have a turbo-Corolla, and an old school 1989 MR2. Hmmm. I consider myself a person of extremes - I am cheerful and silly and enjoy good laughs and chats. At the same time I like the odd day of solitude and deep reflection.

Most info about me is on my blog. If you wana chat on similar things let me know.

Other Profiles

Skype: NDR008 (rarely on)
MSN: nadirwhoever :at: hotmail.com
Yahoo: nadir008