Guide - Buying and Working with Wigs

Where to Buy Quality Wigs

Websites’s store ships wigs internationally, but often seems to attract customs charges. They are one of the more expensive stores compared to the bargains of ebay, but are worthwhile because of their large selection and the fact that their wigs are guaranteed to be excellent quality. Keep an eye out for sales and special promotions to get wigs when they’re reduced.

They only ship within the USA now, but by going through Katie Bair, she will order the wig for you and send it on to you for a minimal charge. (

The disadvantage of Amphigory’s classic range of wigs is that they only stock limited styles. That’s fine if you’re prepared to deal with cutting and styling, but going for their New Look range (same as CosWorx) means you should find a wig closer to the style you want, some work.

Their expanded range of stock has some notable wigs, like the "Innocent" style which has a full back-part.

eBay sellers

eBay is fine provided you’re careful, know what to look for and always confirm the wig’s quality. It also means you can often get an excellent bargain depending on the bidding. Be sure of the wig’s quality, contact the seller for any necessary details and check the their feedback.

Doing a general search is fine – remember to search for items available to the UK, most wig sellers are located overseas. However, the best way to find decent wigs is to search by seller using the advanced search option in the top right corner.

These sellers all have ebay stores with a wide selection of good wigs:


Cheap, and lovely quality. Not the thickest wigs though, definitely not a good choice for any major styling projects.


Cheap, and lovely quality. Again, not the thickest wigs though, definitely not a good choice for any major styling projects. Direct order website here


Has a lot of more unusual colours and styles, as well as some character-specific pre-styled wigs.


Another seller (what I think of as the Hong Kong wig seller type) with cheap wigs. Most likely thin and hard to style though. Has an excellent range including super-long wigs.


The wigs here are actually the same selection as some of’s (the same brand “New Look” wigs). So best to check which is cheaper.


Not the best wigs, but a lot of auctions starting at low prices. Mostly natural colours and styles.


A cheap store, and as a result the wigs aren’t the best. Particularly the long wigs can be thin. This is true of a lot of wigs though. Longer wigs are often thinner because the long fibre hides the mesh of the wig more easily. This means for styling, starting with a shorter wig is generally better. However, the wigs are good enough, and come in all sorts of colours and styles. Ideal if you’re on a tight budget, but beware that you get what you pay for.


Sells excellent wigs, but they’re mostly in natural colours and styles. The full price for most of the wigs is rather expensive, but there are nearly always auctions with low start prices.


Has great wigs, again in natural colours and styles though. Plenty auctions starting at low prices.


Excellent thick wigs.

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