Guide - Buying and Working with Wigs


Most wigs come with washing instructions, so read them for specific details appropriate to your wig. Provided your wig isn’t styled, you can wash it. Fill a basin with warm water, add a little shampoo, swish the wig around in it then rinse. Never comb a wig when it’s wet. Wigs which come curled or similar should spring back into their style after washing, but check the label before attempting anything. There are wig shampoos which may be worth investing in. Wig conditioners, or even ordinary conditioners help with detangling and shine. Be sure to wash ordinary conditioners out though, as leave-in conditioners are pointless in wigs. Wig conditioners are generally designed to leave in.

If a wig is styled, washing it will wash out the styling product used on it. This is another advantage of working with hairspray – if you get it wrong, it simply washes out.

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