Guide - Buying and Working with Wigs

Styling and Wig Care

  • Keep wigs away from animals. Synthetic hair is lethal for them because it won’t break like real hair does, so can cause serious internal problems. Even combing out a wig can pull some hairs loose, so be very careful to vacuum after dealing with a wig in any way.
  • Wig fibre is plastic. Heating it too much will melt it, or at least damage it. Be careful when styling them, and make sure you store wigs in a place where they won’t overheat.
  • What works on human hair won’t necessarily work on wigs. Gels, hair oils or anything designed to interact with the porous nature of real hair have little effect on a wig, and are generally useless gloop. Hairspray is by far the most effective styling product for wigs.
  • When combing, try not to put too much stress on the roots. Don’t comb right through from the roots to the tips as with real hair, work from the ends and up gradually.
  • Pin wigs to foam wig forms before attempting to style them.

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