Guide - Buying and Working with Wigs

Storage and Transportation

When storing a wig, you want to keep it in good condition and keep dust off it. Keeping wigs on wig forms is best. These can be bought from most wig sellers on ebay, found in costume shops, or bought from Katie Bair. Wig forms are almost essential for styling wigs as well. Use ordinary sewing pins to fix the wig to the foam wig head. A minimum of four: back, front and both sides will keep it secure.

If you have a styled wig or a particularly long one, it’s more important to store it on a wig form. Long wigs like to tangle, regardless of their quality. When storing them, try braiding them loosely or putting several hair ties along the length. If you want to keep the hair loose, try carefully folding it into a hairnet (wigs come with a net anyway). Keeping them on a wig form is particularly helpful because of the tangle factor.

Styled wigs should be kept on wig forms to preserve their style. Even if the wig was bought with curls in and they’re essentially permanent, the style can still be affected if the wig is squashed at all. Wig forms are always a good idea for storing any wig – regardless of its length or style. If you don’t have a wig form, alternatives, such as leaving the wig over a bottle, vase, or anything similar will be helpful.

However, wig forms take up space, so you may not want to bother with them for shorter, straight unstyled wigs. These can be kept in the nets and bags they came in, so long as they’re not flattened too much. If you store wigs like this, take them out to comb them occasionally, and before wearing them, leave them out on a wig form to help sort out any kinks.

To keep dust off, if a wig’s in its bag, that’s fine. If it’s on a wig form, I keep loose plastic bags over them. You could also keep them in boxes, on a shelf in a wardrobe or cupboard etc.

Transporting a wig follows much the same rules. If a wig’s in its bag, just make sure it doesn’t get squashed too much. For transportation, since it’s only for a brief period, keeping a long wig or a curly one in it’s net and bag won’t have much effect on it. Same goes for most styled wigs. So long as you pack carefully, and comb your wigs before wearing them, then transporting most wigs in their bags is fine.

However, for dramatically styled wigs (such as with spikes), you should try to keep them on a wig form. Packing the form in a box with padding around the wig will help protect it, or simply carefully carrying it loose in a carrier bag.

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