Guide - Buying and Working with Wigs

Random Advice

Unusual ingredients like glues are fine, so long as they dry clear and are inconspicuous. I even use hot glue on the mesh of wigs and sometimes to help with wefts, glues to help hold beads in wigs etc.

Clear plastic hair ties and kirby grips in the same colour as the wig are useful for constructing styles inconspicuously. Try colouring hair ties with permanent markers to the same colour as the wig to keep them discreet, or even if they’re unlikely to show, just to ensure they don’t. Similarly, colouring foam shapes before covering them with fibre, or even covering the foam in fabric first, is a useful security measure in case any of the wig fibre shifts to expose the foam.

Sewing to a wig is useful, curved needles are helpful for this. Thread can also help with holding styles together, in braids, curls or anything. Sewing headbands or accessories into a wig often works.

Consider designing accessories to be worn underneath wigs or attached to them. For example, instead of wearing Chii or elf ears on a hairband over a wig, mount them on a hairband so that the hairband can go on first, and have the wig placed over it. Additionally, items can have loops or clips to attach them to the wig mesh.

Holes can be cut in the wig mesh if needed. Another possibility is to have screws through a hairband. These can then poke through the wig mesh, and items can be screwed on from the outside.

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