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Wig Quality and Buying Wigs

The most important thing when looking for a wig is to determine its quality. The wigs you find at Halloween, in party stores, or whatever are not good wigs. Sure, they won’t cost you much, but they will tangle, frizz, and generally look bad. Occasionally if it’s a short wig and you don’t need to style it, it’s possible to get away with it, but in general buying a quality wig is a much better idea, especially when they’re available on ebay for around £10.

These sites sell the kind of wigs you want to avoid:

Comparing them to better wigs, you can easily see the difference.

Quality wigs are made of Kanekalon, Toyokalon or Eleora fibre, amongst others. They appear much more like real hair, won’t tangle, kink and frizz as easily and are suitable for styling. Some will even have “skin parts”, a latex top to the wig with the wig fibers pulled through it to give the appearance of a natural parting. Descriptions of fiber as “silky“, “monofliament” or “Japanese/Asian fiber” generally indicate good quality, but it is always worth checking further.

With wigs, the general rule is that you get what you pay for. Quality wigs may be a bit more expensive, but they are worth it and are a good investment. With a cheap wig, it won’t even look good the first time you wear it, and it’ll be useless by the end of the day. A quality wig can be worn endlessly, re-styled, and should pass for real hair.

Generally useful sites:

Has several useful tutorials (particularly the guide to wig basics) and helpful forum.

Not only does it have a wig store, but the forums have a dedicated wig section, and there is almost no need to post when you need help! Simply use the search function in the top right corner to find appropriate threads, and you can also search within threads too.

A clear, basic guide to wigs – useful for terminology.

A guide to fibers and quality, as well as other wig basics

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