Guide - Buying and Working with Wigs


Buying extensions is much like buying wigs. When buying extensions to match a good quality wig, choose ones labelled “silky”, preferably silky Kanekalon. Buying two of the same wig is an alternative. That will guarantee that the colours match, and can make certain styling techniques easier (the wig will already be made up of wefts, so all you need to do is cut them out. With loose extensions; you will have to make your own wefts) To ensure matching colours, buy the colour ring from the extension supplier and the wig supplier.

Doctored Locks -

Probably the best resource for any kind of extensions, but shipping to the UK is costly.

You may find ordering through Katie Bair is cheaper:

If you order a wig from Amphigory, then there’s a colour chart for (roughly) matching extensions for Doctored Locks:

Ragdoll Weave Co. -

Will ship to the UK at a cost, is only a small business so orders can be very slow.

Where to find extensions on eBay:


They also have a website at but you can sometimes get the extensions for less on eBay, so it’s worth checking there.

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