Guide - Buying and Working with Wigs

Buns and Other Shapes

It isn’t easy to put a wig into a bun solely using wig fibre. Starting with a styrofoam ball, covering it in wig fibre and attaching it to the wig is far easier and neater.

Start by hollowing out the styrofoam ball at one end. Glue the ends of extensions into this hole, and carefully wrap the loose fibre round it. Colouring the foam the colour of the fibre first can be helpful in case any areas show through. Either use hairspray to keep the fibre in place, or coat the ball in glue as you go. (Some images are shown further down the page)

A simplified method is shown here:

This essentially involves looping extensions over the ball and tying them in place, which is only really suitable if the style needs a ponytail coming from the ball, or you can find a way to conceal it.

An alternative is to pierce a hole through the centre of the ball and pull the extensions through it. Glue the ends of the extensions at one end of the hole so they stay fixed in place. The other end will have the loose extensions. Fan these out, and glue them down covering the ball. This method is generally easier than wrapping.

To attach the bun to the wig, glue is fine if you're careful, but a few stitches will help it stay secure and be less risky then glue. If the wig is to be tied back into a bun, you can cut off the ponytail, glue the remaining stump of hair into a solid lump, and slide the bun over it using the hole pierced in it. The method of “stubbing” is clearly explained here:

If it’s a Sailor Moon type style with ponytails coming from the buns, use the same method as above, but before sticking the buns down over the stumps, add on ponytails (using extensions), and then place the buns over both the ponytail and stump.

A useful guide to a Sailor Moon wig:

The principle of using a foam shape as a base applies to other shapes besides buns. It’s important to remember that wigs are not hair, and normal rules of styling are suspended, so bear foam in mind.

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