Site Progress

Hopefully you'll find our site is already one of easiest, friendliest and most powerful cosplay sites on the net. However we're not sat here resting on our laurels. We've got lots more ideas planned and we're already hard at work on them.

However this site is yours as much as it is ours. So if you've got some great ideas that we've not thought about then drop us a line in the forum and let us know.

Revision History

v2.93 - 10th September 2013

  • FIX: Videos now always save to database.

v2.92 - 21st August 2012

  • CHANGE: Upgraded to reCaptcha for registration
  • NEW: Test of humanity question added for registration

v2.91 - 4th January 2012

  • FIX: Highslide upgraded
  • FIX: Costume images given unique name on upload
  • FIX: Costume images with & in the filename will now expand
  • CHANGE: Improvements to video handling behind the scenes

v2.9 - 26th September 2011

  • NEW: Users can now add an image to an existing journal entry
  • NEW: New banner images added to the site header
  • CHANGE: Costume photos are now displayed in the order they were added
  • CHANGE: Text on add video description discourages reference videos
  • CHANGE: Site logo in header now links to the homepage
  • CHANGE: Text on image upload clarified.
  • CHANGE: Improvements to behind the scenes moderation tools
  • CHANGE: Users no longer have the option to nominate a 'planned' costume for showcase
  • FIX: Journals, Shopping List and To-do List entries no longer replace special characters with html code on edit

v2.8 - 18th Februrary 2011

  • NEW: Event banner system added
  • NEW: Featured costume system added
  • NEW: Users can now manually order their costume list
  • NEW: Searching now includes option to only show completed costumes
  • NEW: Events list now showed next/last 5 instead of based on 90 day interval
  • NEW: Event pages now show three random photos of costumes from the event
  • NEW: Members list now shows completed costume count
  • NEW: "Recent Friend Activity" list can now show up to 200 entries
  • NEW: "Recently Received Comments" can now optionally show up to 20 entries
  • NEW: Photo archive per member now available
  • CHANGE: Costume/source search separated from member search
  • CHANGE: Text on image upload description now encourages crediting photographers
  • CHANGE: Improvements to behind the scenes moderation tools
  • FIX: Costumes no longer disappear if there is a problem with the source name
  • FIX: Default search option changed from members to costume
  • FIX: Unnecessary options no longer visible to members when adding events
  • FIX: Can no longer link a costume to an unapproved event
  • FIX: Highslide updated to latest version
  • REMOVE: Friend activity feed taken off front page for speed reasons (You can still view your friends feed from the top toolbar)

v2.7 - 18th November 2010

  • NEW: Overview page now lists recent forum activity
  • FIX: Broken Twitter integration replaced with client server version
  • FIX: Costume list on events page now ordered by series instead of character name

v2.6 - 25th July 2010

  • NEW: Costume "Watch List" added to keep track of interesting costumes.
  • NEW: Shopping List added to costumes.
  • NEW: YouTube videos can now be added to costumes.
  • NEW: Photos are now searchable.
  • NEW: Journals can now be back dated
  • NEW: Journal edits trigger a front page costume updated icon.
  • NEW: Random galleries added to front page.
  • FIX: Event list on costume page order now in descending date order.
  • FIX: Fixed bug allowing people to sign up under the age of 13
  • FIX: Private message link on user pages fixed.
  • FIX: After editing a costume user redirected back to that costume page
  • REMOVED: Competitions taken off site for foreseeable future.
  • REMOVED: Recent tab taken off costume list.

v2.5 - 7th December 2009

  • FIX: Access denied message when adding Journals with images fixed.
  • NEW: Tags can now be removed from Gallery photos.

v2.4 - 18th October 2009

  • FIX: Site migrated to Amazon Cloud Servers to deal with growing demand for the site.
  • FIX: Much of the background code, especially for costumes has been refreshed and updated to better coding standards.
  • FIX: Table indexing and page caching introduced to help speed up the front page.
  • FIX: Minor tweaks and improvements to the Cosplay Cards.
  • NEW: Some improved admin tools users won't get to see.

v2.2 - 8th Septmeber 2008

  • FIX: Pagers on photos, costumes and members pages made more sensible
  • FIX: Shared interests pages simplified for clarity
  • FIX: Fixed massive gaping security hole in the journals. Oops.

v2.1 - 7th September 2008

  • NEW: To-Do List added to costume profiles
  • NEW: Journal added to costume profiles
  • NEW: Tagging added to Photographer Galleries
  • FIX: Photo upload limit doubled from 6 to 12

v2.0 - 5th May 2008

  • NEW: Completely overhauled site design (Includes major design changes to news, articles, costumes)
  • NEW: Accepting terms of service now a condition of registering for the site.
  • NEW: Friendly error pages (for 404 and 403 errors)
  • NEW: Completely new statistics page (now with charts!)
  • FIX: More reliable LJ and Twitter code
  • FIX: Problem with variable width forum posts now fixed (we think)
  • FIX: Time since functions fixed (e.g.'1 Days Ago' now displays '1 Day Ago')
  • FIX: Photos can now only be marked as reference when first added, this can't be changed later. (This is for moderation purposes)

v1.06 - 20th February 2008

  • Photographer Galleries Added

v1.05 - 6th January 2008

  • NEW: Improved editing menu for costumes and profiles
  • NEW: Reports section, including our first video report
  • NEW: Comments count on costumes list page
  • NEW: Shops section
  • NEW: Tab bar across top of site for easier content access
  • NEW: Birthday Shouts on Front Page
  • FIX: Improvements to site styling
  • FIX: Improved site security
  • FIX: IE5.5 and IE6.6 style fixes

v1.04 - 14th November 2007

  • NEW: New menu bar to improve navigation around user pages
  • NEW: FAQ page added
  • FIX: Events pages overhauled with logos and reports
  • FIX: Comments on news and tutorials improved
  • FIX: Forums restyled
  • FIX: Forum upgraded
  • FIX: Forum edit timeout restrictions removed

v1.03 - 4th November 2007

  • NEW: Page selectors added to members, costumes and photos directory.
  • NEW: Behind the scenes we now moderate all photos for security. This shouldn't affect the user experience
  • NEW: Extra messaging on photo upload so upload limits are clearer
  • FIX: & symbols in costume names now working

v1.02 - 3rd September 2007

  • NEW: Friends list replaced with recent friend activity
  • NEW: Recent activity now listed on overview page
  • NEW: User can now add a personal photo to their profile
  • NEW: Users can now submit new events for approval
  • NEW: Photos now appear using Lightbox instead of popups
  • NEW: Costumes Icons can now be deleted
  • NEW: Rotating banner images
  • FIX: Style sheet changes (smaller fonts)
  • FIX: Front page improvements
  • FIX: News Archive moved to main menu
  • FIX: Events are listed in order on costume edit page
  • FIX: Replacing costumes icons with same file name now works
  • and other minor fixes and improvements

v1.01 - 7th August 2007

  • NEW: Overview Page
  • NEW: Statistics Page
  • NEW: Gifts Page with Membership Cards
  • NEW: Legal Pages: Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Contact Us
  • NEW: Reverse Friends List (Friend Of) on Member Profiles
  • NEW: Revision History on Site Progress Page
  • NEW: 'No Avatar Set' icon
  • FIX: Fixed Width Costume List Tables
  • FIX: BMP uploading blocked (BMPs don't work well with the site)
  • and other minor fixes and improvements

v1.00 - 25th July 2007 - Initial Launch

Site first launched with profiles, costumes, directory, private messages, friends lists, user interests, forum and events.