Showcase Tips

We love it when costumes get suggested for the showcase, but sometimes we get through some submissions that don't quite fit the bill and it makes us sad to decline anything!

Below are a few tips on how to have your suggestion considered:

Make sure the costume is completed!

While we love seeing progress, the showcase is for completed costumes only.

It must have at least 3 photos

In order to display the showcase nicely, we display 3 random photos from the costume. Submissions with less than three photos will have to wait until they have more, we do check back occasionally but it's best to suggest those with 3+ photos initially.

..And the photos must show off the costume!

Although you may know it's an amazing costume, if we've only got 3 photos of head shots, we can't make that call! It's also useful to have at least a few solo shots of the costume, rather than all group photos - just so it's clear what's being showcased.

We love variety, and we don't mind original designs

This isn't a judged competition so it doesn't matter if the costume is an original design - if it's impressive, we want to see it. So don't shy away from suggesting costumes that don't belong to a specific series.

A final note

The showcase is not intended as a popularity or beauty contest. We're just looking for really great examples of costume work. If multiple people click suggest for the same costume it will make no difference, there is no 'voting' element to the procedure.