Showcase Costumes

We're surrounded by some amazingly talented cosplayers and we love showing off their work - so each week we showcase a costume suggested by other members of the site.

We're looking for really well made or interesting costumes to share with the community. If you'd like to suggest a costume you think worthy of being showcased then simply log in, visit that costume page and click on the 'Suggest for Showcase' link. Our team will look through the suggestions and add great costumes to the showcase queue.

Here are some tips to make sure your suggestion gets considered!

Showcased 15th January 2019


Showcased 8th January 2019


Showcased 1st January 2019


Showcased 25th December 2018


Showcased 18th December 2018


Showcased 10th December 2018


Showcased 3rd December 2018


Showcased 26th November 2018


Showcased 19th November 2018


Showcased 12th November 2018


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