Video Games Live 2008


Report by nert posted Tuesday 9th December 2008

Video Games Live returns for its third London trip, and we were waiting for it...

Video Games Live is a touring orchestral concert based entirely on video game music, from classic to new, played live to the audience with flashy lights, video clips, and the odd quirky gaming performance. This year featuring a Guitar Hero segment where the winner of the earlier contest was invited on stage to play the game, while the music is played live by the orchestra itself!

Back again in the Royal Festival Hall following last year's success, VGL once more filled the seats and gave us some brand new segments, including Diablo III, Metroid, Castlevainia, and Mass Effect! Classics such as Mario, Final Fantasy, Halo and Kingdom Hearts were of course present in full.

Every performance, before the theatre doors open, several gaming contests are held, as is a cosplay competition! With many saving their costumes for the World Record attempt at the MCM Expo the next day, costumes on stage were fewer than before, but no less impressive with first place swept away by a stunning Master Chief from Halo!

No doubt they'll be back again next year - so if you're interested get on their forums and let them know what music you'd like to hear next time!