London MCM Expo May 2008


Report by nert posted Sunday 29th June 2008

The London ExCeL centre opens its doors once more to a cavalcade of becostumed Expo attendees.

The event is now bigger than ever, even with a larger floorspace the entire area was packed. It has now easily become the largest cosplay-featuring event in the country as it spilt out into the rest of the ExCeL's corridors, and even outside the centre was a sea of primary colours and oversized cardboard weaponry. It was truely a sight to see, or be scared of. Depends on your outlook.

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The CosplayIsland team were in full attendance working with the Cosplay@Expo desk to make the Masquerade go that little bit easier for everyone; providing refreshments, bag storage, and performing emergency costume repairs! Thanks to all those who stopped by to say hello!

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This year's May trends saw a lot of One Piece, Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice, Code Geass, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Team Fortress 2, Sailor Moon, the huge Samurai Warriors group, and of course Soul Calibur for the Ubisoft competition. There's also a surprising amount of some very detailed original design characters popping up now. Non-anime/game costume trends present included Batman, Sweeny Todd, The Mighty Boosh, Star Wars, Dr Who and popular webcomic Dr McNinja. Although I say these were the current trends, there was far from an oversaturation of any characters, the variety on display is growing each event and it can only get better.

The weather was kind so a lot of attendee-held events took place out in the sun, including photoshoots, dances, and general meetups - I've never seen the garden areas so lively before.

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There were two photoshoot stands available, as well as our own resident photographers roaming the aisles, for all costume-capturing needs.

The masquerades were bigger and better than, and ran smoother than ever before thanks to the team of volunteers who helped out, and of course all those who entered. Feedback was taken from all involved as to how the changes are being taken and what more needs to be done in future, this year costumes were pre-judged before the event to give cosplayers a chance to show off finer details or talk about the construction of their masterpieces, rather than hope they can all be spotted at a distance on a catwalk.

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Sunday was a lot quieter than the Saturday, but only by comparison as many commented it was still as busy as a typical Saturday from past expos! The special guests were all very friendly, Alessandro Juliani (Gaeta from Battlestar Galactica) even joined in as a guest judge for the Sunday Masquerade.

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The organisers have already promised to expand again next time, so we hope to see even more of you in October!