I got started after a friend at uni introduced me to its existence and I cosplayed Sailor Moon, LOVE IT!

I love the excitement waiting for the time you wear it when you can see it has all come together :D. And conventions and parties are so much fun!

My proudest moment was when I won an award for my Sailor Jupiter costume. It was my first totally hand sewn cosplay and I spent forever on it but had no idea I'd win an award!

My least proud was having my contest entry cosplay fall apart on arrival at Kitacon III :'(

My greatest achievement was making my first full dress with no pattern at all :)

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Have sewn the neck section of the suit now so just have to add the star command logo. Hope my machine gets fixed soon! This is taking aaaaaages!

Finally managed to track down a jetpack and wings set for this cosplay. Cannot wait until it arrives so I can dismantle it then reconnect it all together in Mira style, not Buzz style :D

The wig arrived today and I was super excited to try it on!

The gloves, leggings and laser also arrived today ^_^

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