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The red bodysuit as well as the fabric that I ordered came. I seamed rip the sleeves of the body suit as the airbenders wingsuit has grey sleeve and the red is sleeveless, thats where the grey undershirt comes into.

I ordered light grey knee high socks as well as dark grey spandex for the knee part of the wingsuit

I ordered the wig, the red bodysuit for it to be modified and to act as base as well as ordering yellow spandex. I also went out a bought a long sleeve grey top to wear under the bodysuit.

I finished sewing the trousers and I just bought some black boots so that means this cosplay is now finished and ready for expo next week.! :)

the crown as been completed as well as the poi. all that's left is to buy some boots and finish sewing my trousers.

Katniss' bow and arrow the the arena for the hunger games is shown to be silver i was originally going to spray paint my black bow and arrow silver for this cosplay however today i decided against this. As expo is coming around the corner and I haven't got the spray paint yet or even know how to prime metal and plastic I made up my mind to leave the bow and arrow black because I might not finish the bow and arrow in time if i spray paint it. I might decide later in a few months whether or not i will improve this cosplay. All i have to do now for this cosplay is sew the red bias binding onto the jumper which i will do closer to expo.

I ordered some gold spray paint for my crown and that came today because it came today i decide that i will prime the crown so I sanded it down and then put the first layer of primer on it i have to put two more layers then spray paint it.

after months of procrastination i finally cut and shaped Azula's crown from worbla now i just need to prime the crown and spray paint it gold.

the poi i organically ordered was not up to my expectations so i decided to add some extra fabric to it. so i ordered some dark blue chiffon and some pale blue chiffon ribbon that i will add to the poi. the dark blue will act as the fire and the pale blue is to give a gradient effect and act a lightning.

the Bow and arrow as well as the trousers and the bias binding came today.

I order some blue poi to give the effect of fire bending.

Orderd the bow and arrow, trousers, quiver and some red bias binding to line the jumper.

Today my cosplay came in the post. most of it was made accurately with the measurements except from the trousers. the trousers are slightly tight however that could be because it is the summer holidays and I tend to gain a bit weight during this time. all thats left of this cosplay is to do the boots get contact lenses, make her crown and buy and dye some poi for a fire bending affect.

I sent off my measurements to get the costume commissioned.

Yesterday morning my wig came in the mail I really like it. When I went dentist yesterday I stopped by the shops after and I managed to find a grey shirt so now my cosplay is complete.

I ordered the wig today from amazon. That means this cosplay is almost done just need to get the shirt

I'm in the process of saving up to buy a Sasha wig. Thought I should just keep you updated.

This was my after school surprise my harness came in the mail. This thing is really hard to put on.

originally I was going to wear a white shirt even though I knew Sasha's shirt was more greyish white. So I was online shoping and a came across the perfect shirt I might order it or go to their stores and buy it.

My survey corps jacket came in the mail today. I really like it and the quality is really good for a the price

Ordered the Harness and skirt from Esty. This cosplay is almost done just need the wig and/or 3DMG

most of this cosplay is done. I just need to order the harness and get a wig, worst comes to worst if i can't get a wig i will be able to use my hair

Couldn't find any dark brown boots so I end up getting black boots.

Ordered the survey corps Jacket from Amazon for £17

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