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i dont know what got me into cosplaying, it seemed interesting so i do it, i mean why not?

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so here i am my second crossplay, now i got three chanages: one is the helmet have to get something that fits then modify it with stuff i havent used before and a youtube tutorial. second is the body well more specifically the shap and yeah im going to spare you the details on that one. thirdly is the scythe now im going to buy 2 cheap haloween scythe and see if i can use one to extend the other as well as add that bend to i personally like, then im going to see what i can add to the blade to give it a better look

opinions? comments? advice? i want to hear all so let me know

thanks for reading

ok well i got my costume which btw only cos 20 quid on ebay so... win
i got fake eyelashs that work pretty well along with foundation which is why im thinking its all the makeup i'll need but i want others opinon on that on
the body suit didnt real plan out the colour is way too off so it looks like my best bet is shaving myself well at least my chest and arms still not sure about cleavage im thinking either tape or nothing and just have the collar higer up
got to buy the sandals and going to buy a toy ninja sword i'll paint it over
dont know weither to make my own luitenate bagde or use the one provided with the costume which is kinda dinky
got a corst and i want to see how the costume looks with it because without it to be honest im a rectangle and even if i tie the costume tight it dose do much if not nothing at all so odds are a corset would help and i'll put the photos of me in costume with the corset underneith to compare and then i'll decide if hip pads are nessersaray
i have a wig though i am having a lot trouble with it and see how my is rougthly the same lenght i am strongly concidering spray dye

well i think thats every thing anyone who reads this say what ya think and any ideas that spring to mind thanks

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