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Completing a costume at 6.30 Thursday evening feels a lot nicer than finishing at midday Friday did last time!
Let's just hope the paint on my swords is completely dry by morning or I will not be a happy bunny!

Damnit we can't find the bloody glue gun anywhere!!!!!!

It appears this is actually going to be finished! XD
May take a little longer if I fail to locate the missing glue gun but pretty sure I've got the time to finish of the little pieces left to do now. Pretty damn happy about that!

(...though I am disappointed I have failed to complete my Dazzler cosplay for the second time in a row!)

I debated for quite a while over how to do the armor since this is only the second time I've made solid pieces. After some helpful advice from people in the forums I ended up with my own bastardized version due to difficulty with finding powdered filler. My pieces have a base of wire and masking tape, a second layer of paper mache applied with a mix of water, pva and pre-mixed filler and a third layer of pva mixed with pre-mixed filler. Then they are sanded, have a final coating of filler and then another sanding to smooth it over! I think if I'd had more time and more filler I would have added another layer as the surface is still not as smooth as I'd like but I didn't and so this will have to do!
Now I'm in the midst of painting with some silver paint I found in a pound shop. Unfortunately it appear to be metal paint and rather toxic smelling! It also says on the pot it takes an hour to dry and is still tacky after being out over night which is a bit worrying as I still want to put a coat of varnish over the top of this before I start fixing attachments.
After all this I still need to finish the collar, the swords and the shirt, and make the cloak! Hope I can get it all done in time!

It takes a lot longer to construct the wire and tape bases than I would like! However, I now have the wait pieces, the shoulder plates, chest piece and back piece ready to be plastered over. Now for the bracers and the sword and I can start the next stage of armor making!

I am not working fast enough I think! However, I now have wire/masking tape bases for the back piece, the first/main tier of the shoulder plates and the chest piece. I still need bases for the bracers, skirt and leg pieces, as well as needing to finish the top and make the cloak.

I finally found some suitable wire to begin my armor! Today I spent several hours putting together the initial construction of the sword/cloak holder using wire and then coating in masking tape. Next I will put on a layer or two of plaster, then sand down and paint.
...need to figure out how I'm attaching it to myself before I finish construction however! Not sure what I'm doing about that yet! Needs to not be visible.

I am very slow and only just now had the realization that using wire as a base framework will probably be more effective than trying to make it out of card. Not sure I have any wire about the house though!
I'm going to try and make the back sword holster, shoulder plates and front joints as four different pieces which hook together before putting on so they are easier to pack in a suitcase. Just need to find my sisters dressmakers doll to work on!

P.s: Why do the contacts have to be £20?!?! Not sure if I'm going to get them or not now.

Most of the top is done but somehow the sleeves are too narrow even though I used the same pattern I always alter! Damn my incompetence at sewing!
Think this costume is going to take longer than anticipated since I haven't even started the armor or swords. :/

I cut out the pieces for the top yesterday and am starting sewing it today!
I have the fabric for the cloak too but my main concern now is how I'm going to sort out the armor! I didn't like how the foam I used for Ginchiyo's armor turned out last time as it was too flimsy. Now I'm caught between trying plaster of paris or papier mache layers?
Either may turn out to be too brittle? But I can't afford to buy masses of proper craft foam or that awesome melt and mould stuff either. :(

I got fed up of trying to find the right top to alter for this so I am now making my own out of some stretchy fabric I had left over from Hecates cloak! This means I had to buy blue fabric dye but hopefully also means it will look accurate. (as soon as I figure out how I'm going to do the star! :/)

P.s: here's hoping I tone up enough by end of October to feel confident wearing this!

I've finally managed to make a start on this! I've got the trousers under way and I've tested the hair dye...still need the fabric for the top though and I haven't yet found a suitable black jacket!

I'm running so behind and am so busy with other stuff I don't know how I'm going to get this finished to any decent standard by Friday! :(

Making the armor with sewn pattern is turning out to be pretty time-consuming and I think maybe I should have found a quicker way.
Mild panic in progress on realizing how much I have left to do and how little time. Unfortunately deadlines were taking priority and now I'm both job and house hunting! Am determined I'll find some time to do this though.

According to some advice I had, camping mats work pretty well as craft foam. This is an awesome tip! I spent today working on my chest plate and knee pads using a cheap camping mat. It seems to be working pretty well! (Even though cutting the pattern bits is a pain - it would be regardless of what material I was using.)
As you can see, I've sewn the pieces together to create a curved shape. It probably would have looked better with glue but I don't have anything good enough.

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours working on the shoes. They need a gold border which I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to do but I think they're looking pretty good. :)

I experimented with some scraps of the faux leather and some black and grey thread to see if I could imitate the paneled pattern in the armor. I think this works quite well but it's going to take a long time to replicate the sewn pattern over the whole of the body-armor!

bracers are nearly finished. Taking a stupidly long time though; I think I've probably worked at least 6 hours on them. Just need to glue the gold embossing foil to them now.

The fake leather I ordered for this arrived this morning. I ordered 2 meters as I needed about 1 and a 1/2 for Suki. However, this roll is HUGE! I have about twice as much fabric as I need! Guess I'll have to think of something else I'll want to make out of purple leatherette?! O_o

The party is now TOMORROW! Therefore I am no longer attempting to make Rapidash but doing a really quick team rocket grunt instead. Assuming I have time during the day around xmas shopping lol.

Party is Saturday and I have a lot of work to do. Not sure if I'm going to be able to make this now. Maybe something simpler.

The skirt is sewn and painted now and looks pretty good. Pleasantly surprised at how well the purple fabric paint shows up on the dark green fabric.
Have cut and hemmed the skirt tails as well now so moving on to painting them and the pattern on the top next. :)

I finished the robe today! Never sewn sleeves on my own before so that was an interesting hour! Anyway, this means that I only have the obi-belt and the headdress to make and then I'll move on to perfecting the fit and testing my make-up. :D

(need to make some fit adjustments because I discovered the Hakama fall down when I walk around in them!)

I bought a sewing machine! This means I can actually finish my cosplays, woo!
Anyhow, I've cut the pattern for my skirt and I altered the top I'm using as a base. Just need to paint the pattern on it now.

I finally cracked and spent way too much money on a sewing machine! It's amazing! It also means that I have completed my Hakama. Now I only have to fix the headdress together, make the robe and buy the shoes and fans!
...and make the waist tie. Maybe I've actually still got quite a lot to do after all lol!

Eeeek! I am so screwed! I nearly finished making my Hakama for my Suki cosplay so I could start on the skirt and top for Alicia and now the sewing machine isn't working! What am I going to do!?!??!?! O_O

Yesterday I made my Hakama (except for the ties) and today the sewing machine is buggered!! How am I going to finish either of my cosplays if I don't have access to a sewing machine! :O

I was beginning to despair of finding a suitable wig on ebay when I went to the local fabric/fancy dress shop today looking for ribbon and zips and found this one! It's surprisingly nice quality and only cost £12.50! Yay!
May trim it into style a bit so i can have shorter front bits over my shoulders.
Lucky find has made me happy! :)

Haven't been working on my October cosplays for ages but i just did a quick calculation and i reckon i can finish this for just under £40. I don't think that's too bad considering the amount of fabric etc needed!

Since i bought faux leather for my Suki cosplay, I'm using the left-overs to make accessories for Alicia as well. So far i have arm band things and head band and i have enough fabric to make the belt too.
Tonight i finished both the headband and the shoes! Yay for progress! XD

O.k. Since i finished uni for the year and don't really feel like doing dissertation research at the moment i have being filling my vast emptiness of free time this week with random cosplay sessions. Unfortunately i don't have a sewing machine in Cambridge so I've had to do everything so far by hand and i still haven't found the right green fabrics!
However, I've still made pretty good progress. As of now i have fully completed armor, bracers and gloves! yay! XD

I never checked before but i just found out from the flikr site that this costume made the short-list for the London MCM October '09 comp! Pretty chuffed! XD

i finished it in time! woop!
i'm pleased with this. the only let down is that i forgot to take a reference pic with me for the arm and so my make-up isn't accurate. also i haven't really got any decent photos yet.

well finishing is going to be a bit of a rush! one day to go and i need to paint the sword, finish my amulet and belt buckle and do a test run on the arm make-up! my first ever attempt at making a weapon though and it's looking pretty good for cardboard and a bit of tissue paper!

I cut the pattern for the coat yesterday with a little logistics help from my mum. Now i have to put it all together! God how i wish i could sew properly!
I still need to find a yellow top, finish the talisman, find some decent gold buttons and make the sword!

oh my god was i roasting in this costume! if i wear it again it'll have to be only on the sunday at the october one. far too hot on the saturday as there were more people around and if i can't wear it in october then may is out of the question!
at least it looks pretty good except for the being a bit off.

i will do it! i just have to figure out the red coat bit. the rest i can do! i have time! :p

hmmm...i'm not sure if i'm going to do this one for may expo or not! i'm not sure i can make that coat on my own, hopeless at sewing as i am! a couple of friends and me are thinking of going as a load of characters in red trench coats so zed seems like the sensible choice! however, i was thinking of doing alice from pandora hearts who also wears a red coat.

Phew! Completed 9pm Thursday, when i'm leaving for London tomorrow right after lectures finish! Cutting it a little close and certainly to the neglect of my uni work! This is only my second cosplay and I'm really really pleased with it. Unfortunately i can't take credit for the original construction of the two cloaks and the dress as they were made by my wonderful mother due to my absolutely hopeless sewing skills! All the details, the hat, the shoes and the cloak patterns are me however.
I'm going to wear this more than once as it cost me so much and i think for next time i'll try and make the staff to go with it and also remake the hat so the shape is more accurate (i simply did not have time to do a better job of it this time round.) There is also a line missing from the cloak pattern which i didn't realize till it was too late to add it and i'd run out of gold paint!
Anyway, hope everyone at expo likes this! :)

my first ever cosplay outfit is complete and used! i don't think it turned out too badly considering the limited time and money i could spend on it. wish i'd had time to find and add lace trim to the skirt and find brown shoes but still looks authentic. unfortunately Chaos Head is not well known and only one person knew who my character was! this did have the advantage of my being the only person at expo cosplaying my character however! :)

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