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i try to go as some of my favorite characters and ones ive never seen done before as its fun to get recognized at conventions and also fun to play out the part, especially in groups. so far ive done some cosplay characters ive always wanted to do and really loved making them. my gene starwind and zidane im especially proud of and am still adding to ^^.

it can be very tricky understanding how to put somthing together or sew it in the right way but i love experimenting and learning new things. ive met loads of great people cosplaying and dont think ill ever stop lovin it.

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made with hard card and materiel and fun to wear ^^

boots made with sandles creating a pointy tip then adding materiel around with a thick foam rim

simple card sheild with added foam design

trying out diffrent ways to create helmet and horns

sewing and patern to be attached later

i love my gene starwind cos more than anythin but theres still room for improvment. i may shape the hair and detail the belts as well. shoes id like to make a bit more well made and the shoulderpads i still have to work on. im def cosplayin him again and am gonna try my best to bring together a group.

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