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I started cosplaying in October 2010 and only cosplay characters I feel some sort of connection to. If their look is interesting to me and I can relate to them in some way, or recognise some element of my own personality in them, chances are I'll cosplay them.

So far my cosplays have been from anime, manga and videogames - not through any deliberate choice, but because I just seem to find the characters more interesting. That said there are one or two comic book and TV characters I wouldn't say no to cosplaying some day...

I love meeting new cosplayers and enjoy doing photoshoots with people who are cosplaying from the same thing as me, so if you're interested in getting some snaps together, do let me know!

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Progress on Rebellion (Dante's sword) is going well. The blade template is almost done, and over the next few days I'll start figuring out the best way of coating it - either by covering it in a layer of plastic sheeting or by coating it in a polymorph. Then it's on to the handle and skull design!

Since I'll be wearing this again as part of an Ace Attorney cosplay group at October's MCM Expo, I thought I'd try experimenting with el-wire to make the visor glow.

The results weren't encouraging.

Even with the highest voltage battery hooked up to it, the el-wire doesn't glow bright enough to visible through the red sheet placed behind the visor. There's a faint red outline that can be seen when in a darkened room, but not a sufficient amount of glow. Anything brighter than el-wire would be TOO bright for me to see through and therefore render the visor impractical to wear in a crowded area.

Ah well, it was a fun experiment but for now I'll have to file this one under 'F' for 'FAILURE'.

So the main materials I'll need to craft Ginjou's armour arrived this morning and I'm now figuring out my plan of attack before I start crafting this bad boy.

The materials in question are:

- Scarva Mod Roc Plaster of Paris bandages
- Plastazote foam sheets
- Craft knife

The plan is to make a complete chest, back and shoulder cast out of Scarva Mod Roc Plaster of Paris bandages, then draw on the ribs and other detail with a pencil once the cast has dried. When this is done, the parts of the cast that aren't needed will be cut away with the craft knife. The layers at the front of the chest armour will be built up with additional layers of plaster, while the back section - which the anime has shown to have considerably more layers than the front - will be built up using a combination of plaster and foam. I'm not yet sure whether to build the leg and elbow armour from foam or plaster, but I'll start figuring that out once the chest and back work is done.

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