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I can't actually remember how I found out about cosplay, I just know that when some friends and I organised to go to Otakon in Baltimore that we were discussing cosplays for it. I bought Temari's outfit from the Rescue Sasuke arc from cosplay magic and hated it (this was back when they only had the one based on the fanart and before I discoverred ebay). So we were all there in our cobbled together Naruto costumes and me with my 28 inch modified wall fan of which I was very proud, and people would ask for photos and all in all we had a lot of fun. Haven't stopped since really.

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This was the second page which has most of the details of the costume :)

For Aya I had to submit 2 A4 pages of references and progress images and this was the first of the two.

Court is booked.


Tetsuya Kuroko - Heather (Seirin + GoM)
Taiga Kagami - Sam
Teppei Kiyoshi - Tif
Junpei Hyūga - Mikey (maybe)
Shun Izuki - Frank (maybe)
Rinnosuke Mitobe - ???
Shinji Koganei - ???

Ryōta Kise - Kyle (Kaijo + GoM)
Yukio Kasamatsu - Mark

Shintarō Midorima - Me (Shutoku + GoM)
Kazunari Takao - Echo

Daiki Aomine - Calvin (Touou + GoM)
Shoichi Imayoshi - John
Ryō Sakurai - ???

Atsushi Murasakibara - Sam (GoM only)
Tatsuya Himuro - Anne

Seijuro Akashi - Ellen (GoM only - because we can't buy Rakuzan uniforms yet)

Riko Aida - Me
Satsuki Momoi - Jen
Alexandra Garcia - Me

2m of main fabric
1m of contrast fabric
9 buttons
6m of bias binding
1m of lace
1 white felt square
1 coloured felt square

I swear these outfits put me royally off buttons XD

So many triangles, this wasn't quite as tedious as the ribbon criss-crossing on Cheria

Once again cutting and sewing things in funny orders and complicated shapes. It really was like making Estelle all over again OTL

First part of the grey I did, wasn't initially making this one so it was rushed and very much unfinished. Still it was wearable, even if Oli did look like a Wizard.

Made by Sam with air dry clay, bent a bit of wire into a hook and stabbed that in and left them to dry. Later they were spray painted gold and hand stitched on.

Had to customise one of my few men's patterns to get the double breasted look. As well as sewing things in a funny order, was very confusing.

There was a lot of painting on these costumes, was very therapeutic.

Had a hard time finding references for this outfit and it was so last minute so there are details wrong but it's still really nice.

Bexi liked it at least.

Progress of the under-dress before the pockets went on.

Bias, everywhere bias

Getting it to sit in curves was a pain but worth it in the end 8D

So the lining would match the reference but so the seam would be hidden behind the purple on the outside of the coat I had to cut two different patterns.

Make-your-own buttons with some of the bias tape so they'd match. Thankfully it was wide enough, had to resort to glue to hold the slippery satin in place while the back of the button was hammered on. does look like the Pizza Express logo

2 coats for the lilac (mixed) then royal blue dylon fabric paint for the detail.

Hand made, hand dyed piping, hand stitched into the bodysuit.

Finished with bias binding, complete with foot stirrups and wrist ruffles.

So I can have more space for actual photos~

Both the dress and scard are made of yellow polycotton with a fitted bodice area in the dress leading into a flarring circle skirt. The blue polycotton was blanket stitched on.

The top skirt is a circle skirt made of appricot duchess satin with a line of yellow ribbon near the hem. The bow is made in the same satin and interfaced and sewn on at the back covering the zip to get into the skirt. The underskirt is attached to the same waistband and is made of lemon cotton jersey with two layers of pleated ruffles round the hem.

The top is done using the same theory as a circle skirt, again in lemon cotton jersey, with appricot cotton jersey details and orange ribbon highlights down the front and lacing up at the back. All bow details are made in the same way, the boots lace up throught the centre of the boot bows and the wrist bows do up with velcro. The head bow is stitched to the back of the wig to hold it in place.

The arm puffs are lemon cotton jersey with two lots of elastic, one in the top band and one threaded through a line of bias binding on the inside causing the ruffling in the lower hem.

The gloves are white gabardine, with figner gussets to compensate for the lack of stretch in the fabric.

The scarf is just scarlet cotton jersey that is longer on one side to allow for the side tie.

The belt is just a stripe of interfaced bi-stretch tiped and stitched round cardboard shapes with gold klona cotton glued over the top.

The trousers are a tan cord and made with a modified men's trouser pattern. This is my third pairs of men's trousers and fourth fly and I think they came out very well. There is a modified high standing waitsband that is interfaced and contrast lined pockets at the sides with white gabardine turn ups at the bottom.

The undertop is just black cotton jersey, I used an old boy's rugby shirt to get the proportions. I used the same rugby shirt to get the proportions for the top shirt which is a combination of white gabardine and green cotton jersey. Trying to make sure all the edges were clean and finished was a bit of a nightmare with this top but I managed it in the end. The blue buttons were a lucky find in a local shop, just the right shape and colour.

I've never made a bag before and one thing quickly became clear, it was going to need some sort of frame or support in order to hold it's shape. To do this I cut up a cardboard box to the right size and used a lot of brown tape to fix it together and give it some security. The bag istself is made from a combination of blue bi-stretch and gold klona cotton.

The detail on the front is klonda cotton glued over a shaped piece of cardboard with air dry clay gems painted silver and glued on. The bag is fully lined and functional provided the load isn't too heavy.

The leotard is made of lycra with poppers at the crotch to allow for easy entry and exit during the wearing. The arm rolls are wadding stitched between two layers of lycra then stop stitched to give the 'seperate' rolls. The super sleeves are sparkling organza, trimmed in white bias and come on and off with poppers just inside the normal sleeves.

The bows are interfaced satin, there is one for the front that is sewn in place and two for the back that slip in and out of a central loop at the back of the hip roll, one with a super length trail and one with a normal length trailed. The hip roll contains a roll of wadding hand stitched into a tube with the lycra hand stitched over the top. The hip roll is then stitched to the pleated satin circle skirt. I used a circle skirt in order to get volume into the hem of the skirt.

The sailor collar is a custom pattern piece of interfaced satin with ribon stitched on one side so as it can be flipped over to go from normal to super. All gems are resin, gloves are bought from ebay, the chocker is a plastic star gem on a line of ribbon with a poper under the star to get it on and off.

The tiara is a Catzia tiara.

I heavily modified a men's jacket pattern to get the initial fit then extended the panels at the front and cut the shape into the hem. The sleeves are also slight flared. The black, purple and yellow are all klona cotton.

I made custom yellow bias to top stitch onto the cuffs to match the yellow around the neckline. The black in the neckline is a modified version of a shirt collar that has been lengenthenned and trapped between the two layers of yellow. I made the black diamonds on the yellow in the same way as the pink on the trousers with satin stitched lines down the middle and round the back of the neck. The yellow sections were then trapped between the main bulk of the coat and it's lining.

Before stitching the lining to the coat, I faced the edges with purple klona cotton so all edges would show the same fabric rather than have bits of lining poking out.

I used a simplicity men's trouser pattern to get the length and shape at the top then flared at the bottom. I then cut pink diamonds bigger than required and serged the edges to stop them fraying. I then cut the diamonds out of the base of the trousers slightly smaller than required, turned them back and satin stitched this to the pink diamonds below creating a raised edge.

The hems were gatherred to the ankle bands and there is elastic in the waist band. There are also functioning pockets, contrast lined in pink at the sides.

The shirt was made using a simplicity men's shirt out of pink polycotton with a modified collar.

The bloomers were a shortenned version of a simplicity pattern with button holes to thread the lace up ribbon through and an elastic wasteband.

Some years ago I had bought a costume pirate hat for a Haruhi cosplay. I took this apart to get the basic shape for the back and front and scaled it up, partially because Patty's hat is big and partly to make the cosplayer look even smaller in it. The central part was made using my regular hat pattern, with a brown rim and lining hand stitched into place inside.

The anchor is felt that has been satin stitched on. The ruffle is polycotton with a serge stitch hem that was trapped between layers that have also been interfaced. Yellow bias was added at the end.

I made the coat by modifying a girl's fitted jacket pattern to be a double breasted jacket that is fully faced and lined. The collar was a custom pattern piece and the whole thing was rimmed in bias binding. Sleeve details were added prior to the sleeves being attached. The buttons were painted and are only sewn on for show as I never like the look of button holes creeping out around the buttons so instead the overlapping pannels do up with a series of poppers.

The gloves were store bought but the boot covers were made with the same gabardine as the coat. The raised red details around both were done in red leatherette hand stitched over wadding. The raised yellow was done in klona cotton and also hand stitched over wadding. Both were then stitched together and stitched around the top of each accessory.

The yellow wing toe caps were done in klona cotton and interfaced, sadly they got wet as they were worn to the con and had deflated in the pictures. The white toe caps are vinyl pvc. There are hidden zips on the inside seams of the boot covers to allow entry for shoes. The soles and heals are done in yellow klona cotton.

Wand, blastia and wig were provided by the cosplayer.

Can't really decide whether to call it a dress or a coat but for the sake of differentiating it from the dress I'll call it a coat. This was made in white gabardine and lined in white lining. I heavily modified a simplicity jacket pattern to get to this point, even to the point of transfering it to several sheets of newspaper and pinning vigorously over the base dress to get the right shape. Trying to make all the shapes look like the picture, while still being proportionate to the dress was definately the biggest challenge with this garment.

The details were cut to shape out of yellow klona cotton and top sitched on prior to lining the coat. All yellow edgine was done in custom made bias binding. There is a hidden dress zip at the back to allow for entry and a row of hooks and eyes to hang the back shape on.

The pink underdress is made from two tones of klona cotton and contrast lined in lilac to mimic the feel of the artwork. There are two runs of bias binding binding in the top half of the skirt area that can be threaded through with steel bonning to create a hoop skirt to form the bell shape without the need for a petticoat. All sections are interfaced.

The sleeves and neckline are rimmed in custom made bias binding to match the detailing on the outer coat with a hidden zip going up the middle to allow entry to the dress.

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