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The atmosphere at conventions is what makes me love it. Everyone's very chilled out and accepting. All the regular people I see there are lovely to be around and it's a great way to meet people with similar interests. :)
Almost every accurate costume I've done someone's come to talk to me about it, referencing the costume, which makes me really happy. :)
My proudest moment of cosplaying was when someone asked me where I bought my Robin costume when I was 15, and looked really shocked when I said I made it.

Costumes planned for

>>London Super Comic Con
Female Hades (Hercules)
>>London (May) MCM expo
F - Posh Totty Polly (St Trinians original concept)
S - T.A.R.D.I.S.
S - T.A.R.D.I.S.
>>London (October) MCM expo (My crossplay weekend)
F - T.A.R.D.I.S.

>>London (May) MCM expo
F - Mario (female Mario)
S - Mr Tumnus (femme realistic version)
S - T.A.R.D.I.S.

>>London Film and Comic Con (Summer)
F -
S - Dash (the incredibles)
S -
>>London Euro Gamer expo
S -
>>London (October) MCM expo
F - Jellical cat Nala (with Simba)
S - Burlesque/ Pin up Nala
>>London Film and Comic Con (Winter)
F -
S -
S -

Also working on
Jareth Makeup Design for the lovely Ian
(see his progress here)
-------- London (May) MCM expo --------
-------- London (October) MCM expo --------

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so the leggings aren't quite long enough to stretch how they were supposed to, and attach to the shoes with the hooks and eyes as was the original plan.
There's a butt tone of fabric for my tail and ears which I can use to extend the leggings and make the shape work better.
I'll still be attaching my leggings to the heels with hooks and eyes and not directly sewing the leggings on.
This is to make it super super easy to get in to. and to make sure that if I fall off my heels (totally possible... probable...likely) it means i won't tear myself out of my costume by being clumsy.

So I'm modifying it and improving it for MCM October
So far the Hat and garter are proving pretty difficult.

The hat is a little fascinator bowler hat a little bigger than the palm of my hand. will upload all the progress of it at once as it's nearly finished.
it'll serve as the siren thing on top of the tardis. I've got 4 windows in it, (out of which 3 are currently sewn on, and one is simply pinned and constantly stabbing me in the hands)
The light in the middle is a toy police car siren light, which i'm going to have to saw the red coloured cap off the light so my light isn't red. Still looking at how to attach the light itself... and where to put the switch so it's easy access.

this years garter is meant to be a miniature tom baker scarf, but not sure if I'll be done knitting it... especially as it's going to contain a phone pocket. :) otherwise
Windows need re-embroidering
public call box sign needs re attaching
Adding skirting round the edges to make it more flattering
Tail poof needs completion.
Earrings need doing

Here's hoping that it'll all get done in time :)

for those who don't know what a cut is, it's a button up biker vest...
Basically i've been put on "sewing everybodies patch on to their cut" duty... because i'm the only one that can sew...
so damn... because there's probably going to be around 6 or 7 of us :/

okay so I kind of brought it on my self what with Dash being like an 11 year old boy but I've been trying to get my hair to be short because I can't wear wigs :(

So I've kind of lost interest in this one. not completely (Don't worry it will happen one day) but I'd prefer to work on others for the moment... so poor femme riddler is going on hold indeffinately.

I finally finished it. Granted I was still sewing on the train there.
Had a wonderful time in full tardis splendour, but I think I'll be improving the embroidery, the garter, and the poofy tail bit (Perhaps making it in to a time vortex)
I've also now got a T.A.R.D.I.S lunch box which happily carries my wallet my phone and other little bits and pieces.
I had loads of people asking for my picture which made for major excite.
eventually I want the garter to have lots of little doctor who villains and a memento from every doctor.
Pictures will be uploaded soon. x

So i'm currently at the awkward stage where I have to wear my costume to attach pieces. so i'm sitting round in my tardis costume terrified i'm going to sit on ink or paint or something else that'll fuck it up

So I've set myself the impossible task of finishing this for May MCM.
Why have I done this to myself?
It'll probably be thoroughly done up for October MCM too.

What with my sewing machine being broken i'm having to do all the sewing by hand, including embroidery.
Garter has just been ordered, but i'll be arriving on the first day of MCM which doesn't give me much time to modify it :/
I'm having myself a bit of a panic.
Thinking there'll be a few all nighters between now and this weekend ¬_¬

So i've realised that because of the high leg-ness of my costume I can't seem to fin underwear that doesn't show.
I've just managed to find a pair in the exact same colour with string sides, meaning if they do show they'll look like part of it!
Next on the list of to do... get a bra that fits and doesn't show through!

So i'm doing most of the work for riddler at my boyfriends house, and today has been a day full of sewing.
Because of the lay out of his room, I'm working in bed.
the lighting for working isn't super great in here, and what with me needing glasses anyway I've spent the last two hours working on the shoes stabbing myself in the hand with pins and needles.

I've been using super glue for the shoes.
So far here's the list
Table cloth
Milk carton
Milk carton lid
Plastic bag
Myself (elbow to side)
Myself (thumb to finger)
Myself (thumb to eyebrow)
Myself (face to newspaper)
My ring to my finger
Myself to the shoes

(so far this is it)

Got a text today from my mum saying "what on earth have you bought? There's a huge box here and a tiny box here addressed to you"
Do we know what this means?
It means my costume bits have arrived!
It means I can start pinning, and stitching and twirling and sticking :D
I'm SUPER excited to get home either tonight or tomorrow and start work!

Dress wise so far I'm not finding anything online within my price range, so thinking I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and make it from scratch.

So... it's the day before LSCC and my package hasn't arrived in the post. This is making me very nervous.
Currently I'm thinking I'm gonna have to improv a different dress and a different set of shoes.
Damn it buying things online!

So the package didn't arrive in time. according to royal mail tracking post it'll be here Monday or Tuesday.
Typical right?
Anyways, I improved with a black toga-ish piece of velvet, and wore my every day shoes and I got a LOT of photo requests. which did make me rather happy :)
A lot of people asked who I was but I got the reaction of as soon as I said "Femme Hades of Hercules" I got this or some variation of the line "I totally see it now! That's AWESOME"
A lot of people commented on the hair, and yes having my hair add on about 10 inches of height was rather fun.
I'll upload photos soon of the costume at the con and I'm thinking of repeating if I do Kapow or LFCC and that way I can add photos of the full costume, real toga, fancy shoes and all. :)

okay I was thinking somehow get it all to stand on end, but i've found this and I think with my blue hair it'll work FAR better. :)

be nice. it's my first make up tutorial, AND my first tutorial of my own designs
but yeah here it is,
it took forever because I wanted it to fit in to just 2 songs so i had to cut a LOT of footage. but other than that I enjoyed making it. :)
Enjoy :)

okay so it involves crazy amounts of work...
full face of white cream face paint,
a shed load of eyeshadow,
eyeliner felt tip,
a thin line of liquid liner,
blusher under the cheek bones
redish lipstick,
darker lipstick applied as liner,
a full face of hair spray to fix it,
then lip gloss OVER the fixative so my lips don't taste like death.

make up tutorial coming soon. :)

so... my fabulous girlfriend gave be this waistcoat she had on the grounds that "it's very rocky horror, I think it would suit you more." and it's like pretty damn close to the original top thingy. lace up front backless waistcoat style doodah... and it needs a few tucks... but it's pretty darn perfect for something out of the blue. :)

so I finished it off!
She ABSOLUTELY loved it! I shall post the final pictures, and you can see the lyrics, the redvines, animal, my signature, my message, and the over all completed thing :)
I finished it off with like an hour to spare... the varnish was drying as I made my way over to her house. :)

I'm not sure whether to add the clenched fist with the claws or not... it's kind of a complicated sketch and I'm working on a deadline. :/ but equally i'm not sure if it's wolverine enough with out it if you see what I mean...

For my top half, I'm not sure to go with comfort or quality.
I hhave two black corsets that would be suitable.
One of which is better quality as it's steel boned, (It's also a lot prettier)
but my blastick boned one is ALOT more comfortable.
I'm wondering whether I can handle a full day in a damned difficult corset.
Also as the real sweet transvestite was actually flat chested.
is it worth me getting a binder? I have a lot to flatten if I'm honest but I'm sure if i lace my croset right it won't be too bad?

i've decided to use the same shoes and shorts as my sally bowles costume.

SHOES - because there's very little reference to shoes for dr frankenfurter on the internet mostly conflicting. so i figure any old black chunky heels will do. so black chunky shoes i have will do :)
SHORTS - I'm not confident enough to do the plain black knickers kind of look. so i'm going for the black hotpants. (sliiiiiightly more cover)
SHAKE IT - this is purely in refference to the hair. currently my hair is blonde and i rather like it this way. since wigs make me over heat and i'll be doing this mis may, I'm just going to wildly do my hair to match the style. expect a blonde sweet transvestite!

if you'll excuse the pun :P
I've managed to work out the blood stain is on the arm of the hand he uses to cut with so i figured my right.
it took about ten minutes of taping and plastic bagging to make sure my arm would be stain free.
i used red food colouring (oil based) and after putting on the shirt I dripped on the colouring on to my shirt, waited ten minutes and then kind realised that since it was oil based and it wasn't gonna dry that quickly so i yelled for my dad who came a long with a hair dryer and we spent about twenty minutes drying the thing still on my arm.
we then stuffed it with newspaper and i hair dried it for about half and hour and when it still wasnt dry i left it alone stuffed with newspaper.
The make up i took my time with
i used my bruising kit under the eyes for shadowing,
black/ brown liner under the lashes red inside the lids,
i'm hollowing out my the cheeks with brown and grey,
hollowing out the temples with grey.darkening the eyebrows with black liner.

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