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I ended up dropping Five for October Expo and a good thing really since my wig didn't arrive until two weeks after.
I like the length and style but I'd like a longer one and a different shade of blonder.
Excuse the wonky "V" and no plait haha

These are so rushed omfg cries, so many mistakes one can see when I have all my armour it will be fine lmfao I'm so half assed I'm sorry.

Tried the base gauntlet on just so I know it will fit ok on when I have my layers on

Got all my arm pieces cut and ready for worbla (I was stupid and didn't bring enough worbla home with me to actually work on this whoops)

Went home to do some sewing this weekend, as usual I didnt use a pattern and guessed how to do the leotard OTL I made a few mistakes and spent most of the time unpicking LOL but I think I got there in the end.

Thigh highs were super quick and easy to do, luckily my thigh piece holds them up too ahah

The jumper, I used an old cardigan lmfao. I only had black jersey, but I felt I was losing the texture from the game model too much if I settled with that so I found a cardigan and modified it.

I just have my gloves and a few bits of hemming to do and I'm done sewing

Added the details onto the shin. There's bits I need to fix up because its still p messy

Since uni is starting in a couple of weeks I thought it was about time to get on with this _(:3 need to add details to the thigh and shin pieces, and do the back parts before this first leg is done!

I forgot I needed to do I quickly bought a cheap pair from primark and painted them. The colours are so offensive I cannot believe Makoto

Just have to over a couple bits i.e the trouser seams and do the odd bit of hemming but other than that Dio is finished!
I'm really excited to wear this, despite the fact I am absolutely going to melt haha cries (layers why)

Painted on the design for the boots and side of the trousers, super simple and quick~

My sewing machine broke so I ended up handsewing these...OTL but the turned out fine! I'll be quickly going over the stitches when I'm at nadsnadine's house on tuesday ahaha orz

Practically finished this last night, but did the straps today.

I didn't really know what would be the best thing to use for I ended up cutting some styrofoam balls in half and painting them...
seems to be ok so I'll leave it at that lol

Actually my second attempt, because my first try made me so angry I ended up washing it to start again XD
I've never styled a long wig before so it was difficult orz, lots of wax and hairspray was used.
Really happy with the end result though!

Expo a week away so time to get this sorted haha. Completely redone the shoulder armour which i used a salad bowl as a base then papier mache'd and used used craft foam for the upperarm to attach it.
Touched up the leg pieces as well and repainted everything.

Planning to get the tunic done tonight ^^

This went surprisingly very well and easily, and whats great; SUPER CHEAP. Armour is made with left over craft foam from Flynn and covered with the metallic gold fabric, and his loin cloth thing shawl was left over material we had in the house ^ w ^

It was actually really fun to make, despite my first thoughts about the armour, so I'm really pleased with the turn out and ridiculously excited to wear this with my group!

I've been so worried about how I was going to make this haha, but I'm happy with how it turned out after a month of procrastinating it wwww
It's so shiny and comfy * u *
Only thing I wish I did was to stuff the padding a bit more but I'm pleased with my frist attempt.

Hoping the velcro on the sides don't rip off at expo (don't want my boobies falling out hahaha)

So back from Sunnycon and all I can say for Flynn is; there's still a lot of work to do for May Expo. Unfortunately the thigh pieces broke during the day so I went on stage without them an during transport the paint had flaked off in some places OTL So all armour is being redone, getting a new wig and Nadine is kindly making my sword for me to have at London ahhh <3333

All in all I enjoyed wearing him but there's still room for improvement!

All done~ These were a lot of fun, but tiring, to paint. I'm super happy with them seeing its my first time doing anything like this.

Wig washed and dried, so I started styling for the past hour or so. I don't particularly like styling my own wigs purely because I suck so bad at it haha;;;; But luck seems to be on my side so far for Flynn?

Got to trim a bit more and style one of the sides more and the back and then I'll be finished with the wig ^^

Dyed my old white wig I used for Clear (buying him a brand new one) and wanted to save myself £18 haha.

Mum went out a got me some surgical spirit to mix with the FW acrylic paint I conveniently had round the house. I was pretty worried this was gonna go to shit seeing as I've never done this before, but it seemed to turn out nicely for me (thank god jfc)

Didn't want to waste time looking for a thick enough belth that looked exactly like Flynn's so I made my own. This was my first time using a grommet which was fun (HAMMER TIME!!)

All thats left to do is attatch it to the buckle I quickly made out of sculpty and thats the belt done too.

Originally started yesterday but it was so goddamn awful I rage quit and didn't want to do it anymore, but I restarted today and I'm super pleased with the progress!

I painted the blue and used poly flex for the white, I really like the turn out. All thats left for the tunic is to sew the collar on and hem.

Ordered fabric to start working on it this Thursday. Planned all of it out so I'm looking forward to it ^ v ^
If I can get it done on time, I'm tempted to enter it at the masquerade at Sunnycon, but we'll see ; v ;

Idk if I like them that much but I'll get everything else finished before I decide if I' ll get a new pair

Got the casual outfit all sorted for the shoot next week, just waiting on the wig and I should look for a messenger an duffle bag too orz

Ok so I realized I wouldn't be able to afford a body suit to modify for the wetsuit, so I grabbed some old sports gear I had chucked into a charity bag to modify ; v ;)/ As there' s no official ref for the wetsuit I've tried my best to make it look ok. I've only pinned it for now as I'll be sewing later this week ^^ Also need to cut strips for the legs, buy shoes and shorts _(:3

Top needs to be adjusted a bit and collar also needs tidying up~
Need to sort out the bodysuit underneath but I know what I'm doing with that so its cool ^ w ^

Will get shorts and shoes soonish

going to be reworn this saturday at Alcon! I'm going to see about getting the correct coloured scarf in time ^^

Teiko kit arrived today and oh my god it's perfect! The quality is amazing I'm so happy right now////////
My Kuroko's stuff arrived here aswell so we're both sorted for London Expo now~!!
Seriously cannot wait to wear this at an event

Wig arrived, already had contacts so thats all good ^^ I ordered the Teiko basketball uniform at the weekend along with my Kuroko's stuff aswell ^^ gonna be awesome! > w <

Got a shoot planned for when they arrive! > w <

WELL. HE'S FINISHED AHHHH <3333 The new coat and gloves arrived today, still need to pick up the watch but I'M CHANGING IT TO COMPLETE 'CAUSE HE PRACTICALLY IS LOL.
Man I'm so pumped for saturday /weeeeeeeps/

I look forward to seeing people at Manchester Expo!!

Went out with my Dad today to have a little shoot for Clear~ I was hoping to have him done by now but I ran into some drama with the coat and then I got super stressed and forgot about everything else OTL

Anyway, still went out anyway and found a great place to have a shoot! I'm really pleased with it ; w ; its made me even more excited for Manchester!!

New coat should be here either on the 17th/18th and I'll have the gloves and watch etc by then too wwwwww!!

10 days to go until Manchester Expo!! Man I'm so excited, especially 'cause I'll be wearing Clear <333
Waiting for my coat to arrive and I'll need to make a few modifications to it probably *hope not lol* then it'll just be getting a little black watch and gloves and then I'm done and ready * U * b

oh and i ordered a binder aswell, fingers crossed that it'll turn up soon!!

I'm really looking forward to his completion <3333

Gonna be getting stuff together after my exams ^^ I think I've found the wig I want to use for him :D

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