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I'm pretty bad at it, but I still try and I love it.

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bought these shoes yesterday from primark figuring I wouldnt be able to get his ACTUAL shoe cause the damn klepto had to have 100 pound ones. Spray painted them today with the same colour as the jacket, and they ended up pretty good, I think. JUst need to figure out how to colour the soles (might just use electrical tape if i cant tbh) and get the laces. The colour is a bit weird at some parts aka, the paint dripped and left marks, but its not that noticeable

I managed to spray paint one arm fully and most of the front of one half before I ran out of paint (boooo) so I bought some really cheap spray from amazon hoping that'd work. If not, then I guess I gotta wait until the christmas stuff comes out to see if they even still have that paint. so far ive only spent around £55 though, which is good! now 'all' ive got to do id but a belt, make the stereobelt, spray the rest, find some jeans (might just use some jeggings i got that look exactly like jeans) and some shoes. and some earphones. oops.

thoughts are a mix between shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit Im not ready and BRING IT ON

we edited the coat's sleeves and the shorts and everything last monday I think. I can't really remember but oh well, I think I'll be like.. wearing it all one day and putting a pic up xD
oh, I entered the cosplay contest too.
oh god why... xD the second after I did, I was just like "WHYYYYYYYY DID I DO THAT!"
so yeah.

they're a little different from what I thought they would be... I'll give you an awful picture =w=
god it is an awful picture.
basically on the picture, they were a lot lighter on the top bit.
I don't really mind them, but my mum is looking for different ones as we speak o.o

I only need to get the tight things and the wig now, and figure out the makeup. my mum says I need to be slightly less.. 'chubby' for the waistcoat to look right, but oh well~! I think it's actually pretty good, considering.
I've been looking at J-con's FB page, and a HELL OF A LOT of kuroshitsuji people are going! yayy~

only thing left to do now is the buttons on the sleeves and possible hardening of the back lapel thingy. my mum says that starch can harden it so it sticks up like Alois'. I think it's pretty good, the only thing I don't like that much is the colour, but it's good for semi-homemade.
now all I need to do is get the shorts, waistcoat, leg thingys, shirt, bow (which I think we've ordered...) wig, makeup things. and I think that's it.
*sigh* a lot of work.
the waistcoat is proving to be the most difficult. I'm too picky, and they don't exist. .-. and if they do, they're £40. there's a hell of a lot of wigs to choose from too..TOO many. D: I'm so picky xD I want this cosplay to be perfect..even though it wont be xD so it'll at least have to be close to looking like him. oh well, I'll have fun.

I got the coat I bought today, and it's a bit light and lilac-y, and the sleeves bunch up around the wrists. I think it might need a bit of work, but I think the colour isn't all that bad, and we can change the buttons and stuff. I think it could work...

hope you guys are ready! If you see a not so good L, it's probably me. especially if they've got about 5 plushies. I still haven't put any pictures of the cosplay on yet, all the ones I took have no makeup... so it looks like I've only got weird hair. I've been looking at all the cosplays and wow guys... woaaah

it looks a little weird, as I can't bind my chest or anything. but anyway, hope to see you guys there

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