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Started cosplaying unknowingly when I bought a set of Stormtrooper armour some years ago, fulfilling a childhood dream. From there (after meeting a new friend that had been cosplaying for some time) it was a slippery slope, and before I knew it I found myself shopping for fabrics and discussing different types of foam...

Mostly Star Wars and video game costumes for me!

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I actually made this last summer, but realised I haven't posted it here. My Bokoblin shield.

Made of EVA foam (2mm and 12mm), insulation foam, and a couple of luckless leather belts)

After playing Breath of the Wild and falling in love, I knew I had to do a Link costume. I toyed with making the tunic etc. by hand, but after some trail runs I realised that me and sewing machine do not get on, so I cheated, and bought the soft parts! (please ignore the messy bedroom shot!)

As I have basically zero skill when it comes to building helmets, I knew from the start this was going to be a purchased part of this costume. I've spent quite some time looking at kits (vac-formed, resin, fibreglass, etc.), and was about to dump some £200+ into it... then I saw that Hasbro were releasing a Black Series Luke Skywalker helmet, for ~£100!

Got one, and it's awesome! Decals have been ordered, and I'm currently toying with different paint schemes for the re-paint it'll need.

So, unable to find template for the MKVI armour I wanted, I've modified existing MKVII (and in a couple of cases, created my own custom templates), which has allowed me to get the main construction done for the chest/abdomen, belt/cod, upper arms, and lower arms.

I've also experimented with wrapping the armour sections with a thinner 5mm foam to give it a smoother look, which - whilst fiddly - has been largely a success, and something I'll be doing for all my EVA armour builds in future!

Just realised whilst looking up reference pics to make my boots that this costume with minor additions couod be used for my other fave caharacter in Gundam SEED, Mwu La Flaga!

Now on the prowl for a cheap purple shirt to wear underneath it.... and a fitting blone wig!

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